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Purging A Family Home; A Story of Regret

When I am working with people and they show me stuff from their grandmother or grandfather, I immediately get teary eyed. All I have from my grandmother is her recipes and some costume jewelry. A few years ago, after my grandmother’s fifth heart attack, it was decided that she could not live alone and needed... Read more »

Organizing Your Estate Papers

It’s a horrible and tragic thing to lose a loved one. Its even worse when the family has to spend time piecing together the estate paperwork along with clearing out the family home. The Wall Street Journal featured an article in 2011 called “The 25 Documents You Need Before  You Die”. This article is a... Read more »

From Treasure to Trash; The Ruins of The Hoard

Heart breaking but true, part of my job is to tell people what they perceive as treasure is trash. It always starts with the story of where and when they bought it. Then comes my line…. * There is no market for it * Its not sellable * Its in a state of ruin Things... Read more »

Getting Through an Estate; Emotionally and Mentally

Lately I have worked on several estates. The last one the sisters lost their parents within seven months of each other. When they called, they said that just needed a “jumpstart.” Its hard enough to be in the grief process, and then have the added responsibility of clearing out a home. No matter how you... Read more »