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Run Your Errands Don't Let Them Run You

Do you ever feel like your errands are running your life and time? This past Sunday I just wanted to scream. I broke my own cardinal rule. I went into Costco on a weekend. Yup, the organizer dared to go into Costco not only on a Sunday afternoon but on a day that the Bears... Read more »

Tasks Not Getting Completed- Here is Why

Are you finding that your tasks aren’t getting completed? You forget about things till months later. That return is overdue and now you can’t get your money back. Don’t worry you are not alone. It happens. Here are some tips to help you get things done. * I cringe when I see a client or... Read more »

The Best Piece of Time Management Advice I Have Been Given

I have read a multitude of time management books. The best piece of advice I have actually been given was from my brother in law. Yes this nice quiet boy  that chose to join the crazy Kelly clan. One day he simply asked “Why do all the Kelly women feel the need to run all... Read more »