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Safety and Dehoarding; What Everyone Should Know About Working In A Hoarded Home

I turned down a job the other day. Needless to say the person wasn’t very thrilled with me. We had been talking for several months. It was an investment of time on both sides. Apparently the house was hoarded. In agreement with my standards and training on safety, I asked to see the house before... Read more »

De-Hoarding a House; Resources you need

 In my years as an organizer, I have de-hoarded quite a few homes. Sometimes I have done it in a matter of days, other times in a year. Everyone is on a different time schedule based on their needs and finances. Here are a few different ways to work on a hoarding project: 1. Hiring... Read more »

Left with the Hoard; When a Hoarder Passes Away

I got a call the other day. It didn’t shock me and actually I was expecting it. An elderly man that I tried to help a few times, had passed away. His home was hoarded. He had plans of moving into assisted living and needed to clear out his place.  He knew what he needed... Read more »