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Get Control Of Your Home Improvement Projects

When I bought my condo two years ago, I went a little crazy with home improvement projects. I just wanted it all to be done (Yes, I am a Taurus). I would come home in between jobs and paint walls. I ripped out the light fixtures before I had new ones. I was on a... Read more »

Decorative vs Functional; How do you use your space

Its always a battle. The war for space. So how do you use yours? Decorative- You use the staging method and every bit of space is completed with a knick knack or some sort of decorative item. Book shelves have decor vs books on them. Functional- There is a minimalĀ amount of decorative items and the... Read more »

Professional Organizer Or Interior Decorator; Who Do You Really Need!!

I was working with a client today and she stated that she should have hired a decorator. In hindsight, I am going to agree with her. She was looking to create more space in her condo.Ā All of the closets where maxed out. We only found two boxes that could be moved to storage to create... Read more »