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Five Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Its human nature, we all spread out in our home. Since buying my condo 3 years ago, I have enjoyed having more space and storage. I now stock up on things that I didn’t have room for in the past. So what happens when you are on space overload. When there is simply no more... Read more »

Clutter and The Couple; Can This Relationship Be Saved

Sometimes I take off the professional organizer hat and put on the marriage counselor hat. Yes, part of my job is to try and help couples coexist in their space in a happy/healthy manner. So what happens when Minimalist Mary marries Hector the Collector? Or when Clara the Clutterbug marries Henry the Hoarder? And lets... Read more »

Closet Full?? How to create extra space!!

I still remember my big closets in Dallas. Like they say  “Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State.” I had a huge walk in closet, lots of bathroom storage, and a pantry! Boy was life grand. Then I moved to Chicago. Learning to make due with a smaller closet is a gals worst nightmare!... Read more »