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Five Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Its human nature, we all spread out in our home. Since buying my condo 3 years ago, I have enjoyed having more space and storage. I now stock up on things that I didn’t have room for in the past. So what happens when you are on space overload. When there is simply no more... Read more »

Christmas Clutter-How To Prevent It

It happens every year around this time. Christmas clutter invades your home and office. Before you know it, you are surrounded in a sea of red and green. As with keeping anything organized- make sure you keep like with like and have a home for everything. Decorating- Get our your Christmas gear and put it... Read more »

Piles of Clutter- How to Conquer Them

The other day I was in a hurry. A job ran over two hours and I had plans to meet some friends out for some fun. I came home jumped in the shower, put my face on, and ran out the door. I left my work bag on the kitchen table, coat hanging on a... Read more »

Enablers- Items that Inhibit Your Organization

Usually we call people enablers. You know, those friends that don’t bring out the best in our lives. The ones that encourage or let you step off the bright path of life. In the organizing world, its bad systems. Here are a few systems, that I consider enablers. Stacking files. HATE THEM! Things go in... Read more »

Light Bulbs and the other stuff we have too much of

Everyone has light bulb love. Its just one of the things that we all have too much of in our space.  Often, they are located in many different places around the home. In drawers, cabinets, and random places, you can find them.  Here are the items I think most homes have too much of: 1.... Read more »

Two Kids, One Room, Let the Space Wars Begin

I guess I was spoiled. I was the oldest child and always had my own room. I never had to share. I had two dressers, a desk, and a big closet. Yes, my childhood was heaven. And as you can imagine, I was constantly rearranging it to make better use of the space. Yes, you... Read more »

Seniors and Safety; Its more than being organized

As you can imagine, I get a lot of calls from adult children who are worried about their parents. With a long life expenctancy, kids are doing what they can to keep their parents independent and in their homes as long as possible. This means making some serious changes. When you live in a decent... Read more »

So You Got A Good Deal; Do You Really Need It

I was out with some friends this weekend. One of them started telling me about all his “treasures” that were sitting in an out of state storage room. Thank God it was dark and he couldn’t see my eyes popping out of my head. I listened to him brag about all the stuff that he... Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of Successfully Getting Free Stuff

When I bought my condo, I was traumatized by all the stuff in the basement.  It turns out the building was a rental for many years before going condo in 2002. So everyone that lived here, left something. It was cluttered with old chairs, computers, chemicals and paint.  And lets not forget the pool table.... Read more »

Bargain Clutter; When saving money is cluttering up your space

Since the recession started, everyone is looking for a bargain. Yes, I am on that band wagon as well. Grocery and gas prices have risen and not our paychecks. There are several tv shows such as extreme couponing which explore the lives of extreme bargain hunters. People are even setting up their very own “arsenals”... Read more »