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Tips To Help You Avoid Buying Mistakes

I love the color Kelly green. Always have, always will. The color looks great with my dark hair and light skin. Apparently the rest of America does’t feel the same way. Kelly green isn’t one of the prime colors that you see in clothing on a regular basis. When I see something in that color,... Read more »

Multiple Closets-More Mayhem; How to Manage Your Clothes

Closets- we love them, hate them, spend a lot of money to make them work for our wardrobe. Some of us even have more than one closet. Does having more than one closet make us more organized? Sometimes the answer is no! The key to closet/clothing management is to define your space. That is right.... Read more »

So Many Sizes, What Can You Really Wear In Your Closet

Ladies, lets have some honesty here. How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet? Do you get depressed each morning because you have to rifle through things to find that one pair of pants that fit? It’s time to take action! Before I officially became an organizer, I used to practice on... Read more »

The Dressing Room; A Solution for an Extra Bedroom

I am beginning to see a new trend. Screw the guestroom! That extra bedroom is becoming a dressing room. What is a dressing room you ask? It’s a place to get your girly on! In the last few months I have designed and organized several of these rooms. Women area uncrowding their closets and setting... Read more »

Closet Control: Getting your clothes and style under control

Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! How we love to look good! When I grew up on Texarkana, I only had a half full closet. I guess that was due to the fact that there were only three stores to shop. Living in Chicago, one of the best places to shop in the country, it’s a different story.... Read more »