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What's in your closet? It should all be your "A" game or be gone!

A very wise stylist once told me that everything that is in your closet should be your “A” game. It should fit you, be the right color, and make you happy. All other clothes should be banished! We all have what I like to term as “pms” purchases. Things we buy that: 1. I will... Read more »

Closet Full?? How to create extra space!!

I still remember my big closets in Dallas. Like they say  “Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State.” I had a huge walk in closet, lots of bathroom storage, and a pantry! Boy was life grand. Then I moved to Chicago. Learning to make due with a smaller closet is a gals worst nightmare!... Read more »

The 20 Minute Closet Purge

I just got home from an organizing  job and decided to purge my closet. How sick is that? When I was a child, my mom made me purge every season and give her a list of what I needed. As an adult, I still follow this behavior. Time and budget permitting, I head out with my... Read more »