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National Clean Out Your Closets Week 2016

Its National Clean Out Your Closets Week! What a great way to start off your spring cleaning by tackling on your closets. Its time to tackle those over crowded filled up spaces. Start with one closet. Set aside a block of time to tackle it. Its more effective to complete the full closet than to... Read more »

Conquering Your Coat Closet- Get Ready For Winter

As I gaze out the window at the hazy day. I can’t deny it anymore. Winter is enroute to Chicago. So its time to tackle that coat closet. Yup, the closet of no return. The place where things get stashed all year round. It time to find those lost mittens and take those coats to... Read more »

Closet Control: Getting your clothes and style under control

Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! How we love to look good! When I grew up on Texarkana, I only had a half full closet. I guess that was due to the fact that there were only three stores to shop. Living in Chicago, one of the best places to shop in the country, it’s a different story.... Read more »

When Jeans and T-Shirts Replace the Pretty

I organize alot of kids closets. I love little girls clothes. The ruffles, the lace, the colors. Yes at age 40 I am a still a pink gal. I love it and wear it proudly. I was beyond excited when it started coming back in for adults about three years ago. I embrace the fuchsia!... Read more »