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Backsliding; When you don't stay organized

I consider organizing a form of artwork. I love to turn something that is crazy and chaos filled into an organized and amazing space. I love to make people smile and see some of them do the “happy” dance. When I first started organizing, it broke my heart to come back and see “backsliding” or a... Read more »

The Home Office; Overstocked and Over Systemized! A three step process to help you get it organized.

The home office; the command center of your home. If it doesn’t function properly, then your home won’t run like a well oiled machine. Bills don’t get paid, paper multiplies, and checks don’t get cashed. When I work on home offices, I often find two main issues; 1. Oversystemized- Too many containers, filing systems, drawers... Read more »

Are you really a hoarder? You might just be chronically disorganized!!

So you think you are a hoarder. Everyone does these days. One little pile or a few things out of place doesn’t classify you in that category. Alot of people are confused between hoarding and being “chronically disorganized”. Yes, there is a difference. They should also be treated differently from an organizational standpoint as well.... Read more »