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More Containers, More Organized, Not Necessarily

I agree that it’s better to contain things. It saves room, time, and protects your items.  Binning or containing your items call also be an enabler. I have walked into homes where everything is perfectly binned and contained. My question to you is “Do you need it”? I remember one of my very first clients.... Read more »

Bins of mish mash; don't let it happen to you

With every store jumping on the organizational band wagon, bins are everywhere. There are being purchased for storage, transporting items, and for mish mash. Mish mash are all those miscellanous things that you don’t know what to do with or don’t have time to put away. I have seen homes where they have a bin... Read more »

Containerize your Stuff; Make it Uniform and Stackable

Yesterday I felt like I was playing Jenga in a clients storage space. There are about 4 different types of bins, a multitude of boxes, and lots of random bags. In the end everything fit but it wasn’t pretty. I feel more space could have been made if the storage containers were uniform. Its totally... Read more »