National Time Management Month 2018

Well here we are in February ! Last month was National Get Organized Month, a holiday started by the National Association of Professional Organizers to assist and educate people about the benefits of living an organized life. And the month of February is deemed National Time Management Month. What a way to start out the... Read more »

Things I Don't Stock Up On Anymore

Space is a premium. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions on how we want to use our space. What is important and what do we want around us. We learn a lot of our organizing skills through our parents, friends, and coworkers. We all have things that we stock up on and things we... Read more »

Tips For Living In A Small Space

Space- the one thing we all want. I am always looking for creative and aesthetic ways to help clients find more space in their homes. When you live in a big city, you tend to have a smaller space. This can be a challenge for some people. Here are some tips to help create space.... Read more »
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Organizing Space- How Long Does It Take

Every once in awhile, I get a call that someone wants their space organized in a really quick manner. Several years ago it was 4 rooms in 3 hours. Another time it was a large walk in closet in 2 hours. Even with two cups of coffee and a good night sleep, this won’t happen.... Read more »

Simple Systems And Why They Work

Tomorrow night I am hosting a group of design professional for a Meet Up meeting in my home. I am sure they will be amazed to see how simple my space is organized. I don’t have a lot of fancy organizing systems. I simply have what I need to make my home work.  I keep... Read more »

Get Organized- Starting Off 2018 On the Right Track

And so another year has passed. January is deemed “GO” month or get organized month by  NAPO. I find that many people, myself included want to start off the year clean and fresh. What about you? I always analyze the year before and see how I can make things better. What worked and what didn’t... Read more »

Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

I was moving a client the other week and noticed some items were missing. The said items where found buried in another room. Yes, the box was clearly labeled but quickly moving movers had misplaced it. This is just one of the moving mistakes that occurs on a regular basis. Lets be honest, moving is... Read more »

Tidee Box- Small Organizing Items that Make a Difference

First there was Birchbox, then Barkbox, now there is Tidee Box for those of us that love organizing systems. This was the brain child of Professional Organizer Tamar Bazin. Being an organizing diva, I had to check it out. My first thought was – would these products be useful or would they just add more... Read more »

Six Reasons We Can't Get Rid Of Stuff

One of my tops tips for organizing is to limit the incoming. Once it comes in your home, its hard to let it go. There are all sorts of reasons that we can’t let it go of things  when they doesn’t provide a use for us anymore. Here are the top six reasons  I hear... Read more »

Why Clutter Comes Back

You thought you tackled it. You were happy. Everything was put away and those piles where gone. Now, its back. Yes, the clutter has reared it ugly head again. The piles and the stuff are back. Why did this happen? Don’t blame the organizer or maid! Here is why the breakdown occurred. You had more... Read more »