What To Do Before Your Spouse/ Partner Moves In

The new relationship enters your current home. This could be a home you lived in with a former spouse or partner, or even your parents former home. Whatever the case, you have a new person ready to love you that needs some space. I see people moving in all the time to homes that are... Read more »

Tips For Helping Seniors Organize Their Paperwork

There comes a time when clarity can become an issue in ones life. Paperwork that was once very easy to handle can become a challenge, especially for someone that is a senior. I see this happen all the time. Here are some tips to help seniors keep their paperwork organized. Reduce the incoming. Get everything... Read more »

Organizing - It Can Get Worse Before It Gets Better

There is a mis conception that when you start organizing your home, it will immediately look like pinterest. Depending on the level of disorganization and stuff, your place might temporarily look worse. If there are a lot of mismatched categories and sorting to be done, your place might end up with lots of strategically placed... Read more »

Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Decluttering Checklist

Those kitchen cabinets. If you don’t zone your space, they can become a crammed with misc items. Our friends at Tri Star Cabinets put together a great resource for organizing  your kitchen cabinets! Take a look below!   So what are you waiting for? Get those cabinets organized!!!

The Top Reasons Why You Aren't Organized

Being disorganized can be a chronic condition. It can take over your life for for years. Most people that are chronically disorganized fall into the same patterns. Here are some of the top reasons why you aren’t organized. More stuff is coming in than going out Everything doesn’t have a home- you have piles of... Read more »

How To Organize Your Second Home

Last year I fell in love with Michigan. I have been trolling the real estate add in hopes that I will find the perfect little place. Little did  I know but its very common for the Chicago folk to have a second home. Michigan seems to be a prime destination spot. For now, I am... Read more »

Family Treasures or Trash

Dealing with a lot of estates and clients that have family “stuff”, I see firsthand what sells and what doesn’t sell. It can be quite the eye opener when someone has saved all this stuff; only to realize that they aren’t sitting on a gold mine. So what sells and what doesn’t sell? Here are... Read more »

Prioritizing Your Projects

Who doesn’t have a full or over full plate? Its human nature. Just when one thing is completed, we find more things we need to do. It can be overwhelming to try and get everything done in a timely manner. Lately, I have been taking a new approach. Instead of trying to be Superwomen, I... Read more »

How To Let Go Of Family Clutter

We keep stuff for many reasons. Many times its out of guilt or family obligation. That little voice in our head is telling us that the stuff must stay. Before you know it, our space gets clogged up with stuff we don’t even want. The worst thing you can do is pack up a relatives... Read more »

How To Create Space In Your Closet

One  of the top things on my wish list when I bought my condo was a nice master closet. I ended up with a decent space but had to have it built out to meet my storage needs. In the end, it worked out perfectly. I am able to keep all my clothes together, with... Read more »