Home Staging- The Importance Of Making Your Home Shine

They say you should pack, purge, and paint when you are getting ready to sell your home. The three P’s as they call them. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to put your home on the market, you should complete repairs, declutter, and stage. Staging- is the art of making a... Read more »

March 13th National Organize Your Home Office Day

With the increasingly number of people working for home, the home office has become as common as the dining room. Even families that don’t work at home are creating a home office to process their paperwork and keep on top of their projects. Due to lack of time, organizational skills, or systems, this room can... Read more »

Paper That Should Be Evicted From Your File Cabinet

Ah Paper, the root of all evil as I like to say. It breeds like bunnies. Before you know it, you have quite a few piles or drawers full. It is human nature to create projects which also creates more paper in our lives. Most of us end up keeping paper that we don’t need.... Read more »
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Must Have Items for Packing Up A House

As we wait impatiently for Spring, we are approaching another very important season- Moving. Yes, this is when I turn from professional organizer into an unpacker. Setting up homes is a fun project. You start with boxes and end up with a beautiful space. But before you unpack, you have to pack it all up.... Read more »

Top Five Areas Of Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning

I thought Spring was almost here – then we got some snow last night. Even after living here for 20 years the Chicago weather never seems to amaze me. While most people around the country are basking in sunshine, we are still at the end of the winter season. Even so, its time to think... Read more »

The Top Reason People Are Afraid To Get Organized

Through out my 13 years of organizing, I have heard and seen it all. One common thread keeps reappearing time after time- Fear. Yes, there are a lot of fears that keep people from making changes in their life. One of the most common ones is making a mistake and getting rid of something that... Read more »

The Trouble With Toiletries

Whether we buy them, get them as gifts, or bring them home from the hotel, we all end up with extra stuff. This is one area of the home where I find the most waste. I find that most people toss those samples into a misc container intending to use them one day. Sometimes they... Read more »

The High Price Of Hoarding

Its estimated that 2 to 3 percent of people have hoarding issues. The Institute of Challenging Disorganization has put together a hoarding scale in which seven different levels of hoarding are identified. One thing that hasn’t been covered is the cost of hoarding. There comes a time when the house needs to be cleaned out.... Read more »

Home Improvement Projects You Should Never DIY

Today we have a guest host, Erin Reynolds the DIY Mama. Enjoy. One of the most exciting aspects of owning your own home is personalizing it. As tedious as home improvement projects can be, they are often necessary. When done properly, they can increase your home’s value, make it a safer and healthier place to... Read more »

National Time Management Month 2018

Well here we are in February ! Last month was National Get Organized Month, a holiday started by the National Association of Professional Organizers to assist and educate people about the benefits of living an organized life. And the month of February is deemed National Time Management Month. What a way to start out the... Read more »