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Your Kids Flew The Coop and Left All The Stuff

The kids may have flown the coop, but did they take all their stuff? Nope. You are left with a bedroom full of childhood items and lots of misc. stuff in your home. Whether you are moving in the next year, or just want to clean out, you need to figure out what to do... Read more »

How To Store Your Memory Items

We all have special things in our lives. Tokens that remind us of a special time or place. Over time they multiply. Most people end up with boxes or shelves full of these items. As time passes, we find ourselves with lots of stuff that we don’t end up using. Its time to make some... Read more »

Staying Organized- Adult Children Living At Home

It seems to be more common that adult children are coming back home. It could be to save money, look for a job, or they just like being around their family. Whatever the reason, its important to find a way to co-exist under one room. They need their space and you want to enjoy a... Read more »

Those Little Projects We Never Tackle

We all have them. Those little projects that we never seem to tackle. Why should we bother with them. They don’t take up much space and they don’t really affect our daily lives. Occasionally they are the cause of wasted time. So they sit. And they multiply. Most of these projects I put in the... Read more »

Car Organization- What You Should Keep In Your Car

Are you always rushing out to your car, hands full, praying you didn’t forget anything? That is the case with most of us. Then you get halfway to your destination and realize that you forget something. Was it your sunglasses? The garmin(can’t live without mine)? Whatever the forgotten item, its causes us stress. As with... Read more »

Staying Organized- Finishing Your Projects

We all have projects. Some of them big, some of them small. Some of them sit for years because they don’t take up much space and aren’t important. These projects are not only causing clutter in your home or office but in your mind. When we walk by, we are constantly reminded of a task... Read more »

Purging- Should You Give Stuff To Friends

Sometimes its hard to get rid of stuff. Even if it doesn’t fit our needs anymore. We feel the guilt of the money that we spent. We analyze the item and its value. Did we even use it? Yes, there can be a lot of consideration before we choose to part with things. With that... Read more »

Staying Organized- Processing The Incoming

Everyday we have items that come into our home. Its a never ending battle of the stuff. Whether is mail, clothing, online orders, or misc items; it has to be handled and put away. It creates piles and can turn into clutter if its allowed to sit. How should you handle all the incoming? The... Read more »

Staying Organized- When You Should Have Duplicates Of Items

While we try to limit our items, there are times that it makes sense to have duplicates. In certain situations it will save us time and great stress. Here are some situations in which having duplicated items will be of great benefit. * Do you travel for a living? If so, it will save you... Read more »

Staying Organized- The Art Of Relocation

One organizing break down that I see on a consistent basis is lack of relocating. Yup, not putting things away. In many cases, we take items away from their home to use them and they don’t get put away. Then we have a clutter build up. The other night I came home from movies in... Read more »