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How To Handle Time Sucks In Your Life

Last week I was switching over my phone system from ATT to ATT Universe. It seemed simple enough but alas, it required a phone call to ATT. The dreaded moment of life. A time suck. “Time Sucks” are things that take up our precious time that we consider to be a waste. It could be... Read more »

How I Learned to Say No; Being Realistic About My Time

After another crazy summer, trying to accommodate an overfull plate, I realized things have to change. I can’t be everything to everyone anymore. I am entering a new territory in life- saying no! I am letting go of being the “Go to Gal” and focusing more on what I want to do and it feels... Read more »

Little Pockets of Time- How To Use Them Efficiently

Summer is my crazy busy season. Between work and social fun, there isn’t much time to get things done. As with any real life, things are always falling on my plate that need to be done. All I have are little pockets of time to keep me afloat. Every night before I go to bed,... Read more »

The Essential Tools Of A Business Owner

Last Friday I was home waiting patiently, between jobs, for a contractor to come over and evaluate my hardwood floors. The guy called twice and was lost. When I gave him directions again, he could not find my place for 40 minutes, then I had to flag him down. He came in with nothing to... Read more »

What's In Your File Cabinet - National Organize Your Files Week 2015

Did you know that the third week of April is National Organize Your Files Week? Yes it is. Every January, I purge the small file system that I have(I am pretty much paperless). In a perfect world, we would all start out the new year with files being cleaned out, purged, and archived. What’s in... Read more »

Wasting Other Peoples Time- Are You Guilty

I know sometimes I drive my friends crazy. I like to keep things simple and that also applies to social planning. Have you ever tried to plan a dinner for a group of gals? The amount of texting for one evening out can put you over your monthly limit. Time is precious. Most of us... Read more »

Staying Productive During Chiberia

I am finding myself with a little more free time than usual during Chiberia. With most people on shut in mode and battling the flu, the priority of organizing is down on the list. It would be so easy to sit in front of the TV and stream netflix or just wander the mall each... Read more »

Time Management For The Small Business Owner; How To Get It All Done

Owning a business is a challenge. When you are a one man show, its even more of one. As I tell people, I am an accountant, sales rep, marketing, and labor. And most of the time all of these activities occur in the same day. There is never a dull moment when you run your... Read more »

February Is National Time Management Month- Little Changes You Can Make To Save Time

As the new year arrives, we have the traditional resolutions. We all write that list. Then February arrives and we find out its time management month. I for one, am always looking for ways to save time. Lets be honest, we all feel like the rat on the wheel sometimes. Too much to do and... Read more »

The Time/Money Savings Of Online Shopping-My Love Affair with Amazon

I have fallen in love. I held back for several years. But then I bit the bullet. For the last several years I have gone from home to home and seen the boxes. Online shopping is the new norm it seems. I avoided it, just like I avoided getting an IPhone but now I am... Read more »