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Time Management for the Returning College Student

Tonight I am giving a speech at a community college to students that have returned to college at an older age. My goal is to give them time management tips for balancing their home life and school work. It makes me think back to my days at the University of North Texas. I was pretty... Read more »

Time Management For The Time Challenged Person

Sorry that I have been so quiet. No, I didn’t forget how to write. Girlfriend has been quite busy! I only worked 11 hours yesterday. Somehow I made it home and was able to fold my laundry before crashing on the couch. The past two weeks have been a little insane, even for an organized... Read more »

Time Management For The Small Business Owner - Are You Leaving Business On The Table

In the last few weeks, I have decided to tackle some small personal projects. I reached out to no less then 10 professionals to help me out. I was amazed that I got virtually no response. Yup, the phone at the Kelly Casa wasn’t ringing. I was not happy with this by any means. You... Read more »

National Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2014- Just Delete It

Who knew, its National Clean Out Your Inbox  Week. Apparently this is the 7th year for this lovely holiday. So who has a perfectly cleaned out email inbox? Most of us don’t. As with paper, we all hang onto too many emails that we don’t need. Sometimes its hard to find the ones that we... Read more »

Reinventing The Wheel- How To Stop

I come across this problem all the time. People are always reinventing the wheel. Handling things multiple times, packing and unpacking, and forgetting things. Every time you “reinvent the wheel” or a system, you give room for human error. Lets look at a examples of how to set up systems that work. * You travel... Read more »

Simple Ways To Organize Your Life So You Don't Have Manic Mondays

The Bangles may have coined the term ” Manic Monday” but I am sure that we all feel that way at times. After two days off work for most people (except me-weekend worker), you have to jump back into the grind of life and work. Sometimes people find it hard to jump back into the... Read more »

When Life Changes Demand You Simplify Your Life; How To Make It Work

Ten years ago I was a pretty fun chick. Five dollar martini night was my best friend. I was the social director of my “crew” of lovely ladies. I was also the car pool leader.  When I wasn’t entertaining clients from my sales job (love me some Gibsons), I was out having fun. If there... Read more »

Chiberia- Productive or Procrastinating

I knew when I saw the weather report about the impending 3 to 6 inches of snow yesterday, it was going to drive some people cray cray (myself included). As of date, in the history of Chicago, this winter ranks fifth in the amount of snowfall. You see all the post on facebook. Cabin fever,... Read more »

February is National Time Management Month- An Organizers Tips for Managing Time

Time management and organizing go hand in hand. The more time you have, the better organized you will be. The more organized you are, the more time you will have in your daily routine. The National Assocation of Professional Organizers has created this unofficial holiday to bring attention to time management and productivity. These two... Read more »

Unavoidable Time Sucks; How To Handle Them

I am not a happy camper. After spending three hours on the phone with Blue Cross, they never cancelled my old insurance policy and deducted two payments from my bank account this month! After holding for ninety minutes last night, I gave up. TIME SUCK!! There are so many unavoidable things in our lives, that... Read more »