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All I Want For Christmas Is Some Health Insurance; A Small Business Owners Crazy Quest To Be Insured

Lets be honest here, I am a organized freak. I do everything on time or early. Yup, that is how I roll. So when open enrollment came around, I was on the marketplace- day one. I got a pit in my stomach when I realized my blue cross policy had almost doubled and would be... Read more »

Being Efficient In A Non-efficient World

I jumped out of bed yesterday morning. Barely awake and stumbling into the kitchen for coffee and feeding the crazy cats. It was a rare Monday for a day off and I had a lot to do.  I was ready for an efficient and productive day. After making coffee and scrambling some eggs, I settled... Read more »

How to Manage Your "Busy" Season At Work And Stay Sane

Hey gang. Sorry I have been so quiet for the last month. While all you are sitting back sipping sangria, grilling burgers, working on your tan- the organizer has been crazy busy. Summertime used to mean fun, fun, and more fun. Now in my world, it means 7 day work weeks and strategically planned time... Read more »

Cut The Morning Chaos

Its that morning madness. Those two hours when you are trying to get out of bed, bathe, and get you and your family out to door. Its crunch time. Does everyone have their lunch? Homework? Where are the coats and shoes? Did you feed the pets? While mornings like this will never be completely zen,... Read more »

February Is National Time Management Month- An Organizers Top Tips For Managing Your Time

Did you know that February is National Time Management Month? One thing we all struggle with is time. Who doesn’t need more time to complete your tasks or spend time with those you love? Here are some of my top tips for helping you manage your time! Enjoy! 1. Prepare the night before. Set out... Read more »

Being Organized Means Being A Little Selfish At Times

Living an organized life requires time. Plain and simple!! And to be honest, we all don’t have enough of it. Even the organizer. Yes, that is right. I am one busy chick. Even with my excellent time management skills, at times I find myself racing to get everything done. I am blessed to have a... Read more »

How To Handle Time Sucks In Your Life

Last week I was switching over my phone system from ATT to ATT Universe. It seemed simple enough but alas, it required a phone call to ATT. The dreaded moment of life. A time suck. “Time Sucks” are things that take up our precious time that we consider to be a waste. It could be... Read more »

How I Learned to Say No; Being Realistic About My Time

After another crazy summer, trying to accommodate an overfull plate, I realized things have to change. I can’t be everything to everyone anymore. I am entering a new territory in life- saying no! I am letting go of being the “Go to Gal” and focusing more on what I want to do and it feels... Read more »

Little Pockets of Time- How To Use Them Efficiently

Summer is my crazy busy season. Between work and social fun, there isn’t much time to get things done. As with any real life, things are always falling on my plate that need to be done. All I have are little pockets of time to keep me afloat. Every night before I go to bed,... Read more »

The Essential Tools Of A Business Owner

Last Friday I was home waiting patiently, between jobs, for a contractor to come over and evaluate my hardwood floors. The guy called twice and was lost. When I gave him directions again, he could not find my place for 40 minutes, then I had to flag him down. He came in with nothing to... Read more »