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Organizing As You Age; The New Systems You Need

Its gonna happen to all of us- we get older. As we age our bodies and minds change. We find ourselves not able to function in the way that we did in our 20’s. Our strength and minds start to change. For some people this happens at a more rapid rate than others. With that... Read more »

Purging The Parent; When Should You Start

I went home last week to take care of my mom after she had surgery. I hadn’t been home in several years since we usually meet at my sisters for holidays. As I started on my two days of cooking/ freezing food, I was having trouble finding things in an over full kitchen. Every cabinet... Read more »

The Big Move: How to Create A Smooth Transition To Assisted Living

In one’s life, we make many big moves. There is the first home, the one we spend so much time decorating and making perfect. Then as we get older, there maybe a transition to a senior home or assisted living. This transition is the hardest one we will have to make. So how do you... Read more »

Seniors and Safety; Its more than being organized

As you can imagine, I get a lot of calls from adult children who are worried about their parents. With a long life expenctancy, kids are doing what they can to keep their parents independent and in their homes as long as possible. This means making some serious changes. When you live in a decent... Read more »

Seniors Who Hoard; A Growing Problem

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Partially due to having an allergy attack from beiing in a  moldy house and partially due to thinking about a new client. I started yesterday with a senior with severe hoarding issues. In my eight years of organizing, this has to be the most severe case I have... Read more »