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Recycling Your Exes Stuff; A Big No No

People come and go from our lives. Everyone leaves an impression on us in one way or another and some leave their stuff. Several years ago I was having dinner at a new guys place. He was proudly showing me around his place and felt the need to show me his closets(as many people do).... Read more »

The Reality of Recycling; It's a Time Suck

Green is the new black. Everyone is jumping on the recycling bandwagon. Myself included! Last week I left a clients home with a loaded down car. In order to dispose of everything properly, here is what I did: * First stop was to salvation army to drop off donations. * Next up was Pearl Vision... Read more »

CD's and VHS Tapes, Yes You Can Recycle Them

I am pretty darn green. I try not to waste and reuse things if possible. Each week, I take any plastic bags (usually from the newspaer and bread bags) to Target to recycle. I recycle in the blue bins and I even have a metal man on my speed dial. When I bring home clothes... Read more »

Chicago's Recycling Program Sucks; My not so cool solution

You know you have seen me do it! Sometimes you turn your head. I am sure some of you take a picture and post it on facebook(just like I take pictures of the bad “train fashion”). I can’t help it. I have no choice. Due to the challenges of recycling in Chicago- I am become... Read more »

Out with the Old, In With the New; Do you Let the Old Go?

When I came home with my new car the other day, I headed straight toward my filing cabinet(you know where this story is headed). I purged my old car papers and replaced them with my new car papers. Actually some of old papers were in a folder that I had taken car shopping. I found... Read more »

The Guilt of the toss; Somethings are just trash

Green is the new black as they say! Going green and¬†learning to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential for our environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to reuse, recycle, and avoid waste in our lives. ¬†I just ordered reusuable bags especially made for fruits and veggies so I can eliminate another... Read more »