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What's In Your File Cabinet - National Organize Your Files Week 2015

Did you know that the third week of April is National Organize Your Files Week? Yes it is. Every January, I purge the small file system that I have(I am pretty much paperless). In a perfect world, we would all start out the new year with files being cleaned out, purged, and archived. What’s in... Read more »

The Problem With Paper And How To Solve It

Paper! The root of all evil as I like to say. These little 8×11 sheets cause people so much anxiety. If not handled on a regular basis, they breed like bunnies. They attract dust and end up with coffee spilled on them. Here are some reasons we have paper problems: 1. We are afraid of... Read more »

Paper Management, Winning The Battle Over All Those Scraps Of Paper

We are all guilty of it at one time or another- writing things down on little scraps of paper. And those little pieces of paper get lost, become piles, and sometimes even get coffee and food spilled on them. In a perfect world, we would have a small spiral notebook and write everything down in... Read more »

The Professor and Paper - Getting Out From Under Those Piles

In a world gone paperless, there are still a few jobs that are paper heavy like the college professor. Even with google, scanning, and all those journals out there, they still find themselves in mounds of paper. Years and years of research and classwork evades their office space and home. So lets talk about the... Read more »

Paper Management: Get Your Paper Under Control

Paper management is a huge part of anyone’s life. In a world trying to go paperless, there is still quite a bit of it floating around. If you don’t have systems set up for your paper, it will just gather in piles all over your home. Unsorted paper piles will cost you time and money.... Read more »

Paper Management- The Systems That You Need

Paper, paper, and more paper. It breeds like bunnies. If you don’t process it on a daily basis, it gathers in piles around your home. You need a few systems to contain it. Here is how to start your paper transformation! 1. Limit as many incoming paper items that you can. Most or all of... Read more »

Going Paperless- Why Haven't You Done It

Are you looking at the mounds of paper and wanting to cry? Does the pile just seem to get bigger? This is one of the reasons that you should go paperless. Clear that desk and clear your mind. Step One- Sign on this site and opt out of your catalogs. Most of the time... Read more »

How To Break Up With Your Paper

Are you suffering from paper love? It’s defined as “The extreme attachment to paper”. You want to touch it multiple times. You are afraid to let it go. You move pile to pile. Eventually its out of control and you lose things like checks or bills. So how do you break this cycle? Where do... Read more »

The Mailbox; Getting Over Your Fear Of The Mail

In my nine years of organizing, I have learned many interesting things. One of the things that suprises me the most is the fear of the mail! I am sure that people where doing the happy dance when the post office was considering delivering five days a week vs six! What makes us so afraid... Read more »

Filing Systems- Which One Works For You

Yesterday I was helping a client work on her filing system. They were using a system in which the files are numbered and they keep a list of what is in which file. I have to admit, it was a big challenge for me. I cound not remember what was were and had to keep... Read more »