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An Organizer Provides Answers To Some Most Common Organizing Concerns

I have been organizing for eleven years- ten years in my own business. Some days, I feel like a rock star! I came, I declutterd, and I organized. Other days I run home with my tail between my legs. Yup, I am a people pleaser! I want to make amazing progress in every project I... Read more »

The Purse Problem- Keeping It Organized

I was at a party the other week and they were playing that game- “what is in your purse,”- I lost of course. Purse items are the one area that I am a true minimalist. Don’t ask me for kleenex or a nail file. The best piece of purse organization advice I have ever recei... Read more »

Things You Should Purge in Your Home

After organizing for 10 years, I find a lot of commonalities in homes. There are some of the same items that I find time and time again, that could use a purging. They tend to get shoved in a corner and forgotten. 1. College Text Books- Lets get real. How many of you actually use... Read more »

The Love Affair with Tupperware- I Just Don't Get It

Call me crazy! I don’t understand the fascination with tupperware. Everyone has tupperware love but me. Like paper, I am convinced that tupperware breeds like bunnies. The lids slither away never to be found again. Everyone has “that” cabinet. You know the one of the tupperware lost. The big pile. You open the cabinet and... Read more »

The Importance of Visual Reminders

I have had a traveling companion in my car this week- my favorite black dress. Its been sitting in the front seat waiting patiently to be taken to the dry cleaners. Yes, it was one of those weeks. Today is the day though, before I go to work, I am heading over to the cleaners.... Read more »

Simplify Your Socks- Stop All That Sorting

Just when I thought I had a day off, a friend called and needed help on a job. So I trucked out to the burbs to help out. I was given the task of my favorite organizing project- the master closet. As I unpacked the boxes, all went smoothly and quick. Like with like and... Read more »

The Forever Home Vs The Five Year Home

Times have changed. People aren’t buying a home and staying in it for 30 plus years. Everyone is getting more mobile. Whether its job transfers, an expanding family, or the need for more space, Americans are on the move. So when it comes to organizing, there is a difference in how you organize a forever... Read more »

Organized; Heredity or Learned

I come from a big ass diverse family. There is no other way to put it. The other night one of my many cousins was posting pictures of the family. Some chick chimed in about the picture of her great grandma. It turns out we are second cousins. So began a new friendship. After I... Read more »

Organize Your Business for 2014

If you are a business owner, you have a double whammy. You have to organize yourself for the new year and your business. I fall into that category as well. So after I purged the old taxes, paperwork, and did a quick purge of my place, I started on my business. Here are some tips... Read more »

How An Organizer Gets Ready For The New Year

Even the most organized people have a little prep work for the new year. As you can imagine January is full of resolutions and organizing. So when I found I had a few days off around the holidays, I took some action. Here is what I did. * Went to Costco and stocked up on... Read more »