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The Work Uniform - Do You Have One

If you read the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune last week, you would have seen the article on “work uniforms.” Studies suggest that by wearing the same thing everyday, you can conserve brainpower, and not have decision fatigue. Oh how I loved this article. I remember when I first graduated college, getting up early... Read more »

Simple Tips To Organize Your Clothing Closet

A very wise stylist once gave me the best piece of advice for clothing management. She told me that everything in your closet should be your cut, color and your size. This makes getting dressed a lot easier. You don’t have to shuffle through clothes that don’t fit or don’t look good on you. It... Read more »

When Its Time To Let Go Of Your Hoochie Mama Clothes

When I was purging my closet for winter, I realized it was time to purge the rest of my “Hoochie Mama Clothes”. I have never been big into the club scene but like any other women I have some clothes that could pass for a not so proper lady. Come on ladies, admit it, you... Read more »

National Simplify Your Life Week 2014- Clothing Management Made Easy

In the continuing spirit of Simplify Your Life Week, I wanted to chat a little about clothing management. Yup, that is what we call it in the organizing world. I find that paper and clothing management are two of the hardest projects for people to tackle. So lets talk about that closet. In my opinion,... Read more »

Building Out Your Space- Is It Worth It?

Three years ago I fell in love with a great vintage condo, then I opened the master closet door. I could not speak. It was shelved like a pantry with one hanging bar! This was not going to cut it for me. The shelves were too large and any pile would topple. Who wants to... Read more »

Flipping The Closet- Why I Don't Do It

Every year, I spend a lot of time helping people flip their closets seasonally. Is nessessary? In some cases, yes, in others no! I personally don’t flip my clothing and coat closets. Why you ask? The main reason that I don’t flip my closets is because everything fits. I do flip a few shelves though.... Read more »

Multiple Closets-More Mayhem; How to Manage Your Clothes

Closets- we love them, hate them, spend a lot of money to make them work for our wardrobe. Some of us even have more than one closet. Does having more than one closet make us more organized? Sometimes the answer is no! The key to closet/clothing management is to define your space. That is right.... Read more »

So Many Sizes, What Can You Really Wear In Your Closet

Ladies, lets have some honesty here. How many sizes of clothes do you have in your closet? Do you get depressed each morning because you have to rifle through things to find that one pair of pants that fit? It’s time to take action! Before I officially became an organizer, I used to practice on... Read more »

Simple Tips to Organize a Man's Closet

I am seeing more and more men wanting to have their closets cleaned out and organized. Maybe it’s to impress the ladies? Or their mother is coming for a visit. Whatever the reason, a clean and organized closet is truly a benefit to anyone. As with a women’s closet, you want to organize by category.... Read more »

The Dressing Room; A Solution for an Extra Bedroom

I am beginning to see a new trend. Screw the guestroom! That extra bedroom is becoming a dressing room. What is a dressing room you ask? It’s a place to get your girly on! In the last few months I have designed and organized several of these rooms. Women area uncrowding their closets and setting... Read more »