Keeping An Inventory - Keeping You Cluttered

We all like to save time and money. So it makes sense to keep an inventory, right? Well- it can be a good thing but it also can cause you to have clutter. Lets talk about what and where you should keep things.

Keeping an inventory is good:

1. Able to find and access your items
2. Items are organized by category
3. Items are visible

Keeping an inventory is bad:

1. You can't see what you have
2. You don't have defined spaces for your items
3. You add to your inventory without subtracting items.
4. Some of the items that you stock up on are things you rarely use

Everyone's needs are different. Here are some categories to think about stocking up on:

1. Bathroom toiletries- toothpaste, shampoo, hair products, - Store the extras in a linen closet

2. Paper items- Paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins ( went to using cloth napkins and rags to reduce my paper intake)

3. Food items- snacks, staples like pasta and canned goods.

When you overflow areas are overflowing, then you need to re-evaluate what you are putting in your inventory? The biggest mistake that I see are zip lock bags!

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