How To Organize a Small Condo Kitchen

I am convinced that none of the architects for these nice Chicago buildings like to cook. I feel like they design these beautiful sleek kitchens for those that have a "dining out" lifestyle. As an organizer, I always find them space challenged. I always arrive with a bunch of containers and a can do attitude.

Here are tips are how to organize a small kitchen:

* Keep only what you need and use on a regular basis in your cabinets. If you have storage in your building or a large front hall closet, consider creating a kitchen overflow area.

* The cabinet closest to the dishwasher is where you should store your daily dishes and cups. You silverware should also be in a close drawer as well. These are items that you utilize the most.

* Many of these kitchens don't have pantries. You have to use your cabinets for food storage. Zone and containerize your items. I organize by- breakfast, cans, spices, pasta/rice, and misc items. Use can shelves or spice shelves to properly display your items.

* I also store my baking items on a high shelf. While I love to bake, I don't bake every week.

* Its hard to buy in bulk when you have limited space. As I previously said, consider creating a kitchen overflow area. What appliances can you store there? Crock pot? Roasting pan?

* For those of you that like to entertain, consider storing your entertaining items in your dining area in a buffet. If you don't have the space, you can always use space in a guest room closet or large front hall closet.

It takes a little planning and creativity, but you can have an organized kitchen.

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