Winter Organizing Projects

Its cold. Its dreary. No one wants to go out and play. There isn't a yard or garden to maintain right now. It's the perfect time to work on some organizing projects. Time to get things done. Here are some projects that are perfect to tackle.

1. Holiday decor- We all have excess in this category. Go through each box and categorize. What do you really use.

2. Those misc boxes- Time to tackle the attic or basement. What is in those mystery boxes that never got unpacked. Time to explore.

3. Take a look at those clothes. Organize your closet by color and style. Get rid of things that are old and worn.

4. The toy room- Are all the toys age appropriate? Is it time to do a purge? What do your kids really play with?

5. The pantry- Time to evict the expired. Zone your pantry by category.

Enjoy your time inside and keep yourself busy! Spring will be here soon!!

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