Should You Get Rid Of Things You Don't Use Each Year

One question that most people often ask is - "Should I get rid of it, if I haven't used it in a year?" My answer is always- it depends on the category. There are many things in our homes that we don't use on a regular basis but are what I consider staples or "standard" items.

Our lives are fluid and constantly changing. What we need and use is constantly changing. There are things that are consistent and always useful. There are other things that wear out or become obsolete.

1. The kitchen- I love to cook. When I graduated college, I started setting up a kitchen. I am still using the same glass pyrex collection that I bought many years ago. I just upgraded my mixing bowls a few months ago. I haven't used my brownie pans in a few years but won't be getting rid of them. They are a staple item.

So what should you purge on your kitchen? You should purge things that are worn out. This would include pots or pans, dishes with cracks in them. Also take a long look at those coffee and tea cups. How many do you need? Duplicate utensils should also be scaled down.

2. Clothing- What is your lifestyle? When I left Corporate America, the first time I did was purge my suits. I no longer need to have that category of clothing in my closet. For my job, I dress very casual. I do keep a stash of cocktail dresses. I don't wear them a lot but they are basics and don't get out of style.

A stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your "A" game. Your cut, color, and size. If it doesn't fit, you don't like it anymore, or it never worked- let it go. Keep basics that have multiple use.

3. The garage- If the garage isn't kept in an organized state, you will end up with duplicates and left over parts of misc project. Keep everything by category and purge what you don't need. Everyone needs a basic tool set.

These are three areas that tend to end up with items that have duplicates, are worn out, and obsolete. You have to start somewhere!!

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