An Organizers Top Tips For Time Management

Last week I gave a speech to a company on time management. We all need more time in our lives, don't we. Here are some of my tops tips on how to better manage your time.

1. Limit The Incoming- The more you bring into your home or office, the more you have to manage and find a home.
* Go paperless with your bills and bank statements
* Use to unsubscribe from catalogs
* Don't donate through the mail, it will increase your solicitations
* Use reusable bags- keep them in the trunk of your car
* Get on the do not call list

2. Daily maintenance- home and office
* Don't put it down- put it away
* Don't waste the trip- relocate items from one room to another
* Process your mail on a daily basis

3. Do not recreate the wheel
* Set up systems
* If you travel for work have a separate set of toiletries to keep packed

4. Set goals each day- personal and professional
* Make a plan the night before
* What do you want to accomplish
* Do a few tasks or errands each day
* Batch your tasks and errands-don't leave the house to do just one thing

5. Plan the night before
* Set out your clothes
* Get your work bag ready
* Make your lunch

6. Launch Pad- Have an area where you set things out that you need to take with you

7. Get it out- Keep a bag for donations

8. Bulk shopping can save time and money- make sure you buy what you really use
* Set up an overflow area for your bulk purchases

9. OHIO- Only handle it once

I hope this simple tips help you save some time!!

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