Organized For 2019- What And Where To Purge

Another year has passed. Most of us like to start off the New Year fresh and clean. That means cleaning out the house and letting go of the stuff that we no longer need in our lives or space. Below is a plan to help you get started!!

1. Tackle those papers. Time to clean out that filing system. If you aren't paperless, think about what you can change to decrease your papers.

2. Toiletries- Clean out that linen closet and bathroom. Evict the expired. Get rid of items that you don't use.

3. Junk drawer- Clear out the stuff that has built up over the year! Toss those expired coupons.

4. Manual File- What items did you get rid of during the year?

5. Pantry- Time to clear out the expired food. Organize by type and label the shelves or containers.

6. Mudroom- Match up those gloves. Time to donate the excess winter items.

7. As you put away the holiday decor- evaluate what you used and didn't use. This is the perfect time for a purge.

Most importantly- Have a wonderful 2019!! Wishing everyone happiness and health!!!

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