How To Store Your Memory Items

We all have special things in our lives. Tokens that remind us of a special time or place. Over time they multiply. Most people end up with boxes or shelves full of these items. As time passes, we find ourselves with lots of stuff that we don't end up using.

Its time to make some decisions. For the paper memories, we can store them in scrapbooks. This also holds true for pictures. These can be condensed.

Then there is the category of the physical stuff. By this I mean clothing and trinkets. These items are more bulky in nature. The first step is to take it out and sort it.

* What can be used or displayed in your home?
* What can you give to a family member or friend?
* Do you still want to keep the clothing items? Should you donate them or make a quilt out of them?

Memories are wonderful but don't let them control your place or future!!

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