Those Little Projects We Never Tackle

We all have them. Those little projects that we never seem to tackle. Why should we bother with them. They don't take up much space and they don't really affect our daily lives. Occasionally they are the cause of wasted time. So they sit. And they multiply.

Most of these projects I put in the category of wine/tv projects. They are little things that should be kept up with but don't require extreme attention. You can handle them while watching tv (and drinking a glass of wine if you prefer).

The first step is to identify those projects. Here are a few to think about:

1. Receipt management- How long do you keep them? Are they organized or floating around in multiple areas?

2. Password lists- Do you update this on a regular basis? I am guilty of this one!!

3. Filing- Even though most of us are trying to go paperless, we all have some paper in our lives that needs to be scanned or filed.

4. Junk Drawers- How often do you clean them out. Many times they end up as catch all's for lots of small stuff.

Today after work, I tackled my password list. Yup, I am guilty of quickly writing the new passwords on the list and crossing out the old ones. It took only twenty minutes to add the new passwords and do an evaluation of the current list. I identified about 10 items that could be removed from the list.

Receipts are another project for most people. Receipts for gas, groceries, and the ATM should be torn and tossed. Any home improvement receipts should be put in a home improvement file. This also goes for home repairs. You want to keep a record of when things were done and what company you used to do them. I keep receipts for misc purchases in a small accordion file. I usually keep them for 30 days then let them go.

What little projects are clogging up your life? Tackle them one by one!!

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