Purging Clothes- Why Its So Hard

And the last weekend of summer in Chicago was one thunderstorm after another. Two of the fun activities I had planned got rained out. So what does an organizer do? I purged my closet. Purging ones closet is always a challenging task. No one wants to admit that their weight or style has changed. There is also the guilt of clothes that were never worn.

A stylist that I once chatted with said that everything in your closet should be your "A" game. Your cut, color, and size. The rest should go. If you change sizes, then the clothes that don't currently work should be packed away until you can use them again.

In my opinion, its hard to do a complete one time purge on a closet. There are always those clothes that linger. The ones you can't quite make up your mind about. If you aren't totally ready to purge them, then don't. My favorite Donna Karan sandals survived the last two purges. Even though I had worn them out, and could no longer walk miles in them, they stayed on the shoe shelf. This time, they made the cut.

When you start your purge, go category by category. Look at each item:

* Is it still wearable- no holes or stains?

* Does it still fit?

* Does it still fit into your lifestyle?

* Can the shoes be repaired? Are they still comfortable?

* Are they still in style?

Some clothes can be consigned. If you have designer clothing, think about consignment options in your area. The rest of the items can be donated. And as for those clothes that you can decide about, put them back in your closet. During your next purge, make a note to check re-evaluate them!!

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