Staying Organized- The Art Of Relocation

One organizing break down that I see on a consistent basis is lack of relocating. Yup, not putting things away. In many cases, we take items away from their home to use them and they don't get put away. Then we have a clutter build up.

The other night I came home from movies in the park and started to unpack my bag. I literally had items that went into 8 different places. I immediately put them away. After 10 minutes, everything was where it should be in my home.

So don't do the dining room dump. Or toss your stuff on the kitchen counter. It might end up sitting for awhile.

Here are a few tips to help you with the relocation process.

* Make sure everything in your home has a place.

* Don't waste the trip, when you walk from room to room, take things with you to put away.

* Consider having a basket on the stairs to take items upstairs.

A few simple changes in your routine can help you stay organized!!

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