Top Five Areas Of Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning

I thought Spring was almost here - then we got some snow last night. Even after living here for 20 years the Chicago weather never seems to amaze me. While most people around the country are basking in sunshine, we are still at the end of the winter season. Even so, its time to think about Spring cleaning. When the sun comes out, we can see the stuff and the dust. So what should we focus on? Here are my top five areas of your home that need Spring cleaning.

Kitchen Pantry- Its time to take it all out and give it a good wipe down. Chunk the expired products, donate the stuff you don't want, and categorize your shelves. Zone your space. You should have an area for breakfast items, pasta/rice, condiments, and canned goods. I always containerize to save space and keep like items together.

Bathrooms- We all have an overload of toiletries. Do you bring stuff home from hotels or go to events and get goody bags filled with samples? Are you saving all those items from hotels for future trips? The best way to handle this is to sort it all into categories. Put those samples into rotation or donate them. There are many charities that take those items. And lets not forget about the prescription drugs. If they are expired or you don't need them anymore, they should be taken to the police station for proper disposal.

Bedroom closet- It's time to evaluate your wardrobe (this is my personal favorite project). Take out all those clothes and categorize and colorize them. Everything in your closet should be your cut, color, and size.

Basement- Is this the land of the forgotten? Its a perfect time to sort it all out. This is usually the most under utilized area of the home due to it becoming a storage place. Put in shelving if needed to store items. Categorize and zone the space. Make sure all containers are labeled.

Garage- Its time to clear it all out and make room for the cars. Line the walls with shelves or cabinets. Put like with like. Make sure all the activity items (kids stuff) is still age appropriate.

These are the main areas of the house that tend to get neglected. Its the perfect time to give them some attention.



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