Spring Cleaning- Those Important But Forgotten Areas

Today we have a guest post by Breathing  Clean. While Spring cleaning tends to focus on the basics of the home, there are some areas that we tend to neglect. This is good information!!

Spring Maintenance Projects for Your Home

Tips for making the most of spring cleaning, inside and out



After the long and dark winter months, it’s time to breathe some life into your home with an annual spring cleaning. In addition to clearing the clutter and organizing closets, remember to focus some attention on various appliances, structures and systems that can also benefit from a little spring cleaning.

Follow these spring maintenance tips and get your home in tip-top shape for the rest of the year.

  1. Check your gutters.

Gutters protect your home and roof by directing the water away from both. When water can’t pass through clogged gutters it can pool around your home’s foundation, ending up in the basement or crawl space. Over time, this can lead to a damaged and weakening foundation. Cleaning your gutters, especially if you live in an area with April showers, is an important home maintenance project.

  1. Examine the roof shingles.

Seasonal weather can cause some major damage to your home. When spring arrives, examine your roof shingles to see if any were lost or damaged during the winter. Now is also the time to prepare your roof for the summer sun. Any cracked, lose or missing shingles need to be repaired or replaced by a qualified roofer.

  1. Re-stain wood decks.

Nothing says summer like hanging out on the deck with friends and family. Like roofs, outdoor decks can be damaged by the seasonal elements. In the winter months it’s snow and rain, and in the summer it’s harsh sunlight. These cycles in temperature can cause wood decks to rot, which means an expensive replacement. Sealing decks can prevent this.

  1. Schedule routine heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance.

Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home. The system takes air in and breathes air out. Several factors can increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning including, pets, water contamination and cigarette and cigar smoke, in addition to the normal accumulation of dust and dirt found in air ducts. Regular HVAC system maintenance can save you money in the long run by preventing more costly repairs, and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends to homeowners that if your air ducts look dirty, they probably are, and your HVAC system should be inspected by a reputable company. To find a company who is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association in your area and to learn more about improving your home’s indoor air quality at www.BreathingClean.com.

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