National Time Management Month 2018

Well here we are in February ! Last month was National Get Organized Month, a holiday started by the National Association of Professional Organizers to assist and educate people about the benefits of living an organized life. And the month of February is deemed National Time Management Month. What a way to start out the year. We can all use more time in our lives.

So what are the time robbers and time bandits in your life? I find that many people struggle with paper and task management. Sometimes we put things off because we just don't enjoy the task. Other times, we just don't have the time to take on a multi step process so we let things sit. Sound familiar?

Just a few things to ponder:

  1. Is mail management a problem? I am not a fan of putting it in a basket. Its too easy to just let it sit. I get my mail every other day and immediately process it. I stand over the recycle bin and let go what I don't need. Magazines have a place and the rest of the stuff goes to the office to be processed. If you haven't already, switch your bills and investment statements to the paperless option. This will dramatically cut your mail down.
  2. Love me some catalogs. Like anyone else, I will sit and look through them. A big time waster in my life. I went on and opted out of them.
  3. Do you have a game plan for your time? Each night before I go to bed, I write a list of what I need to do the next day. I start off with what must be done, then add a few extra items that I will do if I have the time.
  4. I am doing more with apps on my phone. Yes, this non technical chick is saving some serious time. No more trips to the bank for me.
  5. Prepping the night before is the best way to save time in the morning. I have my work bag ready to go. I also set out my clothes for the next day.
  6. Learning to say no!! I tend to be the go to gal for resources and social stuff.
  7. Meal Planning- There is nothing wrong with leftovers. I personally cook in bulk and freeze dinners for myself. This saves so much time and also helps me eat healthier.
  8. Categorize, categorize, categorize. Keep like with like. If you know where is it and how much you have, you are less likely to buy duplicates.
  9. Make a list before you go out shopping. This keeps you from wasting time and making impulse purchases.
  10. Batch your errands. Don't leave the house to run one errand. This is a waste of time. What else can you get done when you are out and about?

And what should you do with your new found time? Relax!! Enjoy!!

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