How Do You Organize- Band Aids Or Solutions

We all have different organizing styles. Some of us like the pretty while others want things to be strictly functional. But the most important thing is  to understand the difference in between creating solutions and band aids.

An organizing band aid is a quick solution that may or may not have a lasting effect. This can happen when you are overwhelmed, tired, or just want the stuff out of your site. You make a quick decision. It may or may not be the right one. I tend to hear the same words "For now lets just put it here." That is one of the worst things you can do in the organizing process. Everything needs a home.

A solution on the other hand is where you find a permanent home or system for the stuff. If and only if, the space isn't readily available then should you put the items to the side. The items should be categorized and properly containerized if needed to work with the space.

To avoid creating "band aids" in your space, make a plan. When I work with clients, we go room by room to and evaluate the space. We then decide how we should organize the space. I use a brainstorming approach. Its essential that you pick solutions that you like. If you like the system, you are more likely to keep it in place.

When you are making changes to your space, take your time. Create lasting solutions that you feel you can maintain.

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