How To Create Space In Your Closet

One  of the top things on my wish list when I bought my condo was a nice master closet. I ended up with a decent space but had to have it built out to meet my storage needs. In the end, it worked out perfectly. I am able to keep all my clothes together, with the exception of my formal dresses which I store in another place.

Time and time again, I see people choosing a new space then realizing that the closets won't work for their clothing storage needs. It can be a very frustrating time when you are trying to settle into a new home. Here are some suggestions to help you with your closet challenges.

  1. If you bought your new space, you have the ability to change your closet system. You can enlist a closet company to help you create a new closet. On a cheaper scale, you can purchase closet systems at the Container Store or Home Depot.
  2. If you are renting, you probably won't be able to put a new closet system in, but you can add some closet solutions to help with the space.

First of all, evaluate if all your clothes/accessories will fit into the closet. Is there another closet that you can use as overflow or for off season clothes? Your primary closet should be comprised of the clothes that you wear on a regular basis.

If you do have an overflow closet, consider using it for clothes that you don't wear as much. This would include dressy items, suits(if you don't wear them daily), and maybe some off season clothes.

And what if you don't have an extra closet? Do you have a storage place in your unit? Here are a few solutions to help you find space for your clothes.

  1. If you are comfortable with having your clothes visible, then consider a hanging wardrobe rack.
  2. Under the bed is another great place to store clothes. You can get space bags or under the bed bins. There are even shoe bins that fit nicely under the bed.
  3. Is your closet the standard one rod with a shelf unit? Consider using a double hang bar to create more hanging space. Stacking shelves or crates can be used to create extra shelving space on top of the closet shelf. This is a great place to store clothes that can be folded such at jeans, hoodies, and sweaters.

I hope you will find this helpful in managing your clothes. I have found many a tiny closet in the Chicago area!!

Happy Organizing!!

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