The Essentials For Selling A Home

Pack, purge, and paint, those are the standard items in getting a home ready for sale. Buyers want fresh and clean. I have found that in the city they are more interested in move in ready homes. Hence, all the grey paint being slathered on walls all over the city. In the suburbs, its more about location then the decor of the home.

So where do you begin when getting ready to sell your home?

PURGE- This should be your first step!! Get out the clutter and the things that you don't want to take to your new space. Decide what you want to sell, donate, and recycle. Get it out. If its going to be a lot of stuff, set up some charity pickups.

PACK - Pack up the overflow of items that you want to keep. If you have a basement, put the boxes against the wall.

STAGE- Time to make your place shine. Go room by room. Evaluate your furniture, accessories, and artwork. Simplify. If you don't have the decorating gene, think about bringing in a stager to make your place shine.

FIX IT- We all have those little projects we have been meaning to tackle. Guess what, its time. Potential buyers notice things. Make sure that your home is in tip top shape. Make a list room by room what needs to be done.

LET GO- The most important thing is to let go of your home. It can be a challenge to give up a space that you once loved so much.

And with that being said, give yourself ample time to tackle these projects before putting your home on the market. It will make a big difference.



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