Its Just Stuff- Letting Go Of Something Special

As I walked in my kitchen tonight, wiped out from a long day of organizing, a large furry Main Coon bounded down from the top of the cabinets to greet  me. He was so excited that he mis-stepped and sent my ceramic spoon holder flying. It crashed on the floor and cracked in two places.

For about two seconds I was upset. How long did it take me to find the perfect spoon holder for my kitchen? How many people thought I was crazy because I couldn't get a normal spoon holder and wanted something with flare. And my search ended one day on the  way home from an street fair in a little home store. There is was sitting on the shelf. It made me happy for a year and it did "bring me joy" every time I used it.



But its just stuff. It can be replaced. While the store doesn't carry it anymore, someone new will take its place. There are so many things in life that matter much more than stuff. The relationships with family and friends. The good times and laughter we share with others. That is what truly matters in life!!


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