How To Create a Mudroom

Growing up in Texas, we never had a mudroom. We kept our few coats in the front hall closet. We didn't even have winter boots(or a need for them). Our backpacks or book bags were simply hung from the desk chair in our bedrooms. Life was pretty simple in the Kelly house.

It wasn't until I moved to Chicago and started organizing did I learn the importance of the mudroom. It seemed like everyone had one and if they didn't, they wanted one. With the long winter season, and the constant climate changes, Chicagoans have quite the winter stuff. For the first time in my life, I not only have rain boots, but several pairs of winter boots as well.

So what should you do if you don't have a mudroom in your back or front entryway? I am finding that many homes that were built in the 50's to the 70's left off this valuable piece of property.

1. You can create one. If you have the wall space, you can do a built out. Depending on your space and budget, you can build a wall of cabinets, shelves, and a small bench for shoe storage. If a build out isn't in your budget, you can simply create a coat area with a few hooks and a bench. Places like pottery barn, bed bath and beyond, and IKEA all sell items that can be used in a mudroom area. These include benches, baskets, or even coat lockers.

2. Utilize your hall coat closet. I have seen many people take off the doors of their front coat closet and build a little mudroom area inside it. You probably won't have room for seating, but you can utilize a closet system to store your seasonal gear.

3. Keep your stuff in your bedroom. On some rare instances, I find people keeping all their winter gear in their bedrooms. With the exception of a boot tray for housing their winter boots, some people choose to hang their coats in a master closet and utilize a basket for gloves, scarves, and hats. The only downfall about this solution, is that you have to take the extra step to put things away each day.

4. The garage is another area where you can create a makeshift mudroom. You can do a built out or simply hang some hooks for coats. A shelf and baskets can be used for the storing of  your winter items.

There is no right or wrong solution, it depends on what will  work for you and your family! Happy Organizing!!

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