When Hoarding Affects The Family

Time and time again. I get called by family members to help deal with a loved ones hoarding issues. Most often its helping a parent downsize their home, a sibling that has hoarded a parents home or a need to sell items for money. Whatever the case, it can be challenging for everyone. Here are some important guidelines to use when addressing a hoarding situation.

1. Don't call the person a hoarder

2. Don't let your frustration show

3. Put together a plan of attack

4. Let the person be in control of where to begin the project

5. Set deadlines

6. Line up the appropriate resources to assist in the process

7. Make sure the working environment is a positive place

8. Give praise for the items that they are able to release

9. Sell the items of value if possible

As we say in the south " You get more flies with honey."

As a member if the ICD - Institute for Challenging Disorganization,  we are taught to practice the " do no harm principle". Its essential to make sure the person is comfortable at all times. This also means working at their pace and talking them through making the right decisions.

Be Patient! Be Kind!

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