How To Zone Your Space

When you have rooms that function in multiple capacities, you need to set up zones or stations to accommodate your functions. It could be as simple as dedicating a few cabinets to the cause or having the appropriate shelving. Here are some examples of rooms that need to be zoned.


* Food prep area

* Food storage items

* Pots and pans

* Food

* Spices

* Silverware

* Baking

* Utensils

* Appliances


* Kitchen overflow

* Bulk Supplies

* Holiday Storage'

* Gardening(if you don't have a garage)

* Industrial items/Tools

* Memory items

* Sports or other hobby items


* Cleaning products

* Laundry items

* Extra Linens

* Batteries/Light Bulbs

Another thing to think of when zoning your space, is the appearance. I would use stacking containers and make sure everything is clearly labeled.

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