Getting Ready For Spring- What Should You Put Away and Keep Out

We all thought spring was here. Then the skies opened up and we got hit with some snow. And the temperatures dropped back to winter weather. So while we all anticipate the next season, here are some organizational tips to help you transition.

Many people like to totally flip their closets when the season changes. I agree with this only if you have a tiny closet. If all your clothes fit in the closet, why create another project for yourself. I simply move my winter stuff up a few shelves and bring down my summer stuff.

If your closet is too small for all your clothes, then simply bin up the off season clothes and shoes. Then replace them with the clothes for the current season.

This holds true for the hall closet. If all your coats fit, don't change a thing. I also leave my winter boots and boot mat on the floor as well.

Any sports equipment that is seasonal can be binned up and put away. Bring out the current seasons items.

Most of us in the midwest or east also change out our car mats as well. When spring hits, simply clean the winter ones and place them in your trunk. Also do the same with your ice scrapers. Don't take them out of your car. Put them in the trunk of your car. I have seem them get lost in garages time and time again.

Just a few things to think about when getting ready for spring!! It will come, I promise!!

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