The Mail and Your Marriage- Another Relationship To Handle

I hear it all the time. He or she won't go through the mail. It just sits. There are piles everywhere. Its very common for couples to have different ideas about paper management. So how do you handle this age old problem?

Whoever gets home and gets the mail should be the "mail manager". If you know that your partner is not a fan of the paper sorting, get some guidelines going in your home.

1. Can you change your bills and financial statements to online versions?

2. Go through and get rid of all those catalogs

3. will help you get rid of the marketing items

After doing these three things to eliminate the mail, set some guidelines with your partner. Would they be comfortable with your doing a presort of the mail. This would include getting rid of the junk mail that remains. Even with the three step process above, you will still end up with a little bit of misc mail.

After the mail is presorted, make sure that you have a place to put it. If you get a lot of magazines, make sure that you have a place to put those as well.

Since I have dramatically reduced my mail, I get my mail every other day. I usually have three to five pieces of mail. I stand over my recycle bin and get rid of what I don't need immediately.

Don't let those piles begin. Take the time to sort and purge your mail.

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