How to Purge While Grieving

There comes a time in all our lives, when we have to clear out a relatives stuff. It could be a full house, an apartment or a room at a nursing home. Its extremely hard to have to make decisions when you are in the grieving stage. I have seen many homes sit for years before before they are tackled and cleaned out. Its a process.

So if you are on a time frame to clean out your loved ones home, how can you get it done. First of all bring in reinforcements. Enlist some friends, family or a professional to help you with this process.

So where should you start? First of all create a staging area. This could be a room or corner of any room. You can put items there for donate or sale. All trash and recycle should be moved out each day you work on the home.

Then pick the least emotional area of the home. It could be the basement, where all the old forgotten stuff is hidden or the closets in the extra bedrooms. I usually find kitchens and bathrooms are a good place to start. They can be cleaned out very quickly.

I also advise to box up any memory items, pictures, and letters. Those will take awhile to plow through. No need to waste your time when you need to clear out the big stuff.

Start in one area of the room and work your way around. Have bins and boxes beside you that are labeled with donate or sell. If you are unsure if something has value, put it aside and have an estate professional look at it.

If you are unsure if you want to keep something, put it aside and give it another look when you are ready. When you are grieving it can be really hard to make a decision the first time. You might have to do the home in a few different passes. Get rid of what you feel unattached to during the start of the process.

Also its important to determine how much room you have in your home to store things you are going to keep.

Take your time and make good decisions!

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