How To Handle Time Sucks In Your Life

Last week I was switching over my phone system from ATT to ATT Universe. It seemed simple enough but alas, it required a phone call to ATT. The dreaded moment of life. A time suck. "Time Sucks" are things that take up our precious time that we consider to be a waste. It could be a task or it could even be a person that is wasting our time. Either way, its frustrating.

Thanks to technology, I was able to put my phone on speaker and make those minutes count. I loaded the dishwasher, answered some emails, ect. I simplify took my phone with me from room to room while I got tasks done.

So what do you do when a person is sucking your time? That is a tough one. Many times they don't understand and have different time management skills. Sometimes is hard to have that conversation without hurting feelings. I had this problem with my neighbors girlfriend. She liked to visit me 4 to 6 times a day. She would greet me at the door, great me at the mailbox, and again if I took out my trash or recycling. It was way too much. I wasn't getting my work done in a timely manner to allow me to do other things in life. I tried to return calls in my car, and run past her in my condo, but this didn't work. And why should I have to work in my car when I had a lovely office? I finally had to talk to her boyfriend and cut off all ties with her. I had no choice. She didn't comprehend that when I came home I had work to do and didn't have time for visiting everyday.

Problem solved- stress level down!!

So what is sucking the time out of your day? How can you make changes to get it back?

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