National Simplify Your Life Week 2014- What You Can Do To Make Your Life Run More Smoothly

It's my favorite time of the year besides Christmas.The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. It's a week to take a look around your environment- work or home and evaluate what you can do to make your life more efficient. For some people it will be decluttering, for others it will be setting up new systems. Each day, I will write a new blog focusing on how to simplify one area of your life. Enjoy. Below is a link to a post I did back in 2012. Enjoy.

Today I want to focus on cutting out things of your life that rob your time. In the organizing world, we call the time robbers or bandits.

Here are tricks to help you save time!

LIMIT THE INCOMINGSo much is coming into our lives on a daily basis. It can get overwhelming for anyone!!

CATALOGS-Like anyone else, I will plop down on the couch and waste twenty minutes looking at catalogs. I love the pretty. You can find everything you need online. Get rid of them. Go to and unsubscribe from them. I have been catalog free for three years.

UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EMAILS-We all want to be popular! Especially when you are a business owner, everyone will add you to your email list! And as with human nature, you look before your delete! Again wasted time! Start unsubscribing from those lists and emails. Set up a separate email account for retail and deal sites.

DON'T DONATE THROUGH THE MAIL-The solicitations that you receive in the mail are handled by marketing companies. If they see activity, they will increase what they send you. There are plenty other ways to be charitable!!

GET YOUR BILLS ONLINE-Paying your bills online will save your between 80 and 100 dollars per year. It also save your time in mail management!

Hope these tips will help you simplify your life! Tomorrow I will focus on the kitchen!!

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