National Simplify Your Life Week 2014- Clothing Management Made Easy

In the continuing spirit of Simplify Your Life Week, I wanted to chat a little about clothing management. Yup, that is what we call it in the organizing world. I find that paper and clothing management are two of the hardest projects for people to tackle.

So lets talk about that closet. In my opinion, the closet should be treated as a room. The same as any room that you would decorate or paint. Give it some style. Paint it, hang some hooks, and use matching hangers. I always say, if its pretty, then you are more likely to keep it that way!


As with any other organizing project- put like with like!! Here are the main categories of a master closet:

* Pants

* Jackets

* Dresses

* Shirts - L/S, S/L and N/S

* Suits

*  Shorts

* Exercise Stuff

* Jeans

* Scarves

* Hoodies (yes this has become a category)

You want to organize by type and color. Your closet should look like a rainbow.  If you are looking for a black sleeveless shirt, then you would go to the sleeveless shirt area and look in the section of black shirts( we all have more than one).

shirt pic

A few other tips to help you manage your closet!

* Fold those jeans! They take up so much space to hang

* Fold up your scarves in baskets. Separate by color or season.

* Install hooks in your closets for your belts.

* Don't forget your accessories. I hang my earrings in my closet!

earing solution

The easier it is to find your clothes, the less time you will spend getting ready in the morning!

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