Reinventing The Wheel- How To Stop

I come across this problem all the time. People are always reinventing the wheel. Handling things multiple times, packing and unpacking, and forgetting things. Every time you "reinvent the wheel" or a system, you give room for human error. Lets look at a examples of how to set up systems that work.

* You travel each week- The last thing you want to do when you are home for the weekend is unpack and repack everything. Ladies- get a duplicate set of make up for your travels. Also keep a small travel toiletry bag in  your luggage. If you are constantly unpacking and re-packing, you will forget things. Keep it simple.

* Work bags-If you are like me, you carry a work bag. I keep my loaded with all the supplies that I need- post its, markers, box cutter, ect. Its always ready to go. I just add the customer invoice in the morning and I am good to go. I keep extra supplies in the trunk of my car and add them to my bag as needed.

* Activity Bags-Whether its a gym bag for dad or your daughters ballet bag, think about designating a bag for activities. Make sure the items you need are put in the bag the night before, so you don't do the maniac rush in the morning trying to find things. Keep what you can in the bag. Obviously you will have to take out clothes to wash them.

*Stock up on Staples-This goes for the kitchen especially. For those of you that like to cook. Keep a stock the common ingredients you use. Buy fill in items each week.

And the moral of this story is -Keep it Simple. Try not to re-handle things if you don't have to. Set up systems that fit your life!!

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