Organizing- Little Stuff We Forget To Purge

I was standing in line at the post office on Saturday morning when I noticed the lady in front of my had all her membership cards on a key chain-pretty organized I thought, until I saw the one for Dominicks. We all know they closed in December.

It got me to thinking. Many times when we start organizing or purging, we forget about the little stuff. The little stuff like our membership cards. I wondered how many other cards she was carrying that were out of business. Here are some other items that we forget out:


*Business Cards- I have seen this on a personal level as well as a business one. We are all card collectors. Everyone has a card. We ask people for cards.  I have worked with many companies that toss the old rolodex in a cabinet or the bottom of a drawer. You should take a few minutes once or twice a year to clean out your  business cards or consider scanning and putting them on the computer.

*Luggage/Bags-Again, I find corners of basements and closets that have become the land of the luggage lost. Bags are also always coming in our lives. If you attend any fundraisers, you most certainly have bags coming in your home. People like bags. They breed like bunnies!

*Toiletries-How we love to try new stuff. There are so many different products out in the beauty market. And lets not forget those samples that we keep for "travel" and forget to use!

*Junk Drawer-Stuff goes in but doesn't come out. Do you really need all the misc items in the drawer??

*Menus-They make folders specifically for organizing take out menus. I have seen many people that shove them in drawer and have duplicates. Keep only the ones that you use.

So take a little time and clear up these misc items!

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