National Clean Out Your Inbox Week 2014- Just Delete It

Who knew, its National Clean Out Your Inbox  Week. Apparently this is the 7th year for this lovely holiday. So who has a perfectly cleaned out email inbox? Most of us don't.

As with paper, we all hang onto too many emails that we don't need. Sometimes its hard to find the ones that we do need because we have to search through so many of them.


overflowing inbox

UNSUBSCRIBE-Just stating the most obvious here. Especially when you own a business, you seem to get put on everyone's email list. This is a total time suck! Who has time to read all that stuff? Not me. And its time wasted to sit and press delete. Just let them go!

ALTERNATE EMAIL- Are you a coupon lover like me? Don't go to Macys unless you have a "wow" pass? That is right. Think about setting up a separate account for your email deals. Don't clog up your regular account.

CHECK IN REGULARLY -Check your email several times per day. Be strong and don't be afraid to use that delete button.

SPAMAdjust your spam controls and report spam. This does help to a certain extent. I have noticed that I get the most spam in the late hours of the evening.

So how does an organizer manage her inbox? I use my inbox as a working action item. The emails that I keep are dealing with things that I have in progress- jobs, potential clients, and on a personal level social activities. After I am done with something- the email gets deleted. If its a contract or something that I need to keep, I move it to the appropriate folder!

Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

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