Is Your Sh*t Gonna Fit? Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Home

Yesterday I was working on a project in which the clients had bought a new home. I was in my favorite place-the master closet. I thought I was rocking until box after box began to arrive. I had a moment! This sh*t ain't gonna fit! I expelled two large boxes of hangers from the closet and went into folding mode.

house for sale

We all move. Its part of life. Moving isn't a fun process. I personally hated every minute of my move several years ago. I am a Taurus and I don't like change.

When you move, your space will change.You might get that dream kitchen but give up space in other areas. You have to pick and choose what is important in your life. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are looking for a new home.


1.KITCHEN- Do you love to cook? Do you have a lot of dishes and cooking stuff? Is there another area of the home to accommodate your overflow or entertaining items? How much pantry space do you need?

2. BATHROOM- Are your a product queen? Do you need lots of drawers and cabinets to toiletries? Would you be happy with a tiny bathroom and a linen closet? Could you make it work? Check out my space-no storage! Yes, I do have a nice linen closet right outside.



3. BEDROOM- How big is your bedroom set? Will it all fit? Yesterday the dresser stuck out over a foot!! Measure your furniture and your new space. Make sure it will work for you.  And that King sized bed you love so much doesn't fit in most vintage master bedrooms! Beware!!

4. MASTER CLOSET-Lets get real here. How much clothes do you have ? Are they hang vs fold? Or the combo package? Do you need a lot of space for shoes?  Can this new closet be modified to fit your needs.

When I first saw my master closet, I wanted to cry. It had one hanging bar and was shelved like a pantry. I knew that will a little cash and some imagination, I could make it work. Check out the before picture! Yes, it had one hanging bar.




STORAGE NEEDS-Have a lot of hobbies? Love your holiday decor? Lots of luggage? Memory boxes ? You need space for all this. In most homes your have cold storage- the attic and warm or accessible storage. Also, do you need a closet or shelf area for bulk purchases? The most important thing is to make sure you have the space. You can always add shelves or cabinets.

TOYS- The biggest challenge for most parents. Does your new space have an area where you can accommodate your kids toys. Whether is a room or corner of a room, is there space for play?

So before you sign on the dotted line, evaluate your needs. I have seen many people buy a home that doesn't fit their needs. Make a check list of your "must haves".

As for me, I am heading back to that home with the challenged closet today to work on the kitchen. Prayers are welcome!!

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