How To Tackle The Hoarded Home

One of my specialties is working with hoarders and very cluttered homes. As much as I find it rewarding, it can be challenging at times. Where do you put things when all the space is taken?

hoarding picture

In the organizing world, we live by OHIO- only handle it once. When clearing out a "full" home, OHIO goes out the window. Its important to try and handle things a limited amount of times, but many times you need to scale down the stuff before you can properly organize it.

Here are some of my top tips for you:

* Utilize boxes for sorting items

* Try clear one space at a time

* It's important to relocate items where they belong even if its crowded

* Focus on scaling down things vs organizing during your first go round.

* Sort things by category

* Make sure things leave the home each time you work on it- donate, trash, and recycle! Don't let it sit and get mixed back in the space

* Don't move items to a newly cleared corner. The goal is to clear one room at a time.

* Take your time and make good decisions- don't rush the process

* Don't beat yourself up for letting your home get "full" - focus on going forward in a positive manner

If you are helping a friend or relative with their home, be kind and patient. Show them compassion. help guide them through the process. Many times they need someone to give them permission to release things. If they are struggling on a particular box or pile, put it aside and let them come back to it. Sometimes they need to work on certain things themselves.

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